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bulletQuality Today Commercial magazine covering metrology and other issues quality related
bulletQuality World The official journal of the Institute of Quality Assurance

Standards Organisations

bulletBSI - British Standards Organisation
bulletISO - International Standards Organisation


bulletQuality Management & Training Limited providing Quality Assurance Support, Training, Books, Software, Videos, Distance Learning, etc.
bulletDavid Hutchins International - A Consultancy Group closely linked to Quality Management & Training Limited
bulletVarian Associates, Inc. - An organisation is a world leader in providing key tools and technologies that enable advances in the life sciences and health care, semiconductor processing, and telecommunications industries. Formerly a segment of the 50-year-old Varian Associates, Inc., Varian, Inc. became an independent company on April 2, 1999.  Varian MS page
bulletKentex Group Limited - An organisation providing solutions for all building maintenance and upgrade services. This site carries information about the following subsidiaries of our business: Electric, Networks, Building, Consultancy and Maintenance.  Kentex MS page

Web Site Register

bullet  Add Me!  A site that allows you to register your Web Site with various search engines




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